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How is it that life has become so busy, so complex and so stressful. Anyone reading my blog will know I am a single parent – Also I work in the NHS. I love my children and being Mum, supporter, advocate, fixer of worries and all that encompassed in the role of being a parent – except maybe trying to figure out again something tasty and healthy to make for said loved children to eat when I get in the door at silly times from work – that is a pain! And I love my work, by and large, though the current set of politicians is making this very hard. The Health and Social Care Bill is set to line Tories and their supporter’s pockets – and they will make a lot of money out of the quasi privatization of the NHS and associated services.
And gloomily I decided to look at NHS Pensions website a few nights ago – knowing the increase in contributions is coming – I decided to work out how hard I will be hit – it seems and extra £50 per month – for nothing, in fact, for less than nothing as if the changes to how the pension is paid out come in I will be working longer for far less at the end, and a greatly reduced lump sum which I was counting on, like so many others. Still, we nurses and other NHS workers are meant to do it for love and strength of character aren’t we – not decent remunerations, oh no. How strange it is – when a nurse gets it wrong, as they do from time to time, they get absolutely slated in the press – but the rest of us doing above and beyond so often seem to get a kick in the teeth. My service will be hugely effected by both the cuts and the Health and Social Non Care Bill – and the government insists that patients will not notice any change to front line services. Do you think that they might just notice that their care giver is on their knees with exhaustion and burn out from the pace of change and the expectation to deliver more for less every year. I do not think the general public is that blind. I hope they notice and complain. Loudly.


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